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Planning Your Will for All It's Worth—Discusses how to use careful planning to achieve charitable goals while still caring for loved ones and highlights probate, trusts, and the marital deduction.
Life Insurance: A Flexible Asset—Discusses the many ways life insurance can be used to provide for loved ones and Chum, as well as how to avoid taxation on the proceeds.
Planned Giving: Options and Opportunities—Outlines the basics and benefits of charitable giving including life-income gifts and bequests.
Enhance Your Financial Security with Effective Use of Charitable Remainder Trusts—Discusses how to accommodate personal financial considerations and charitable giving through the use of charitable remainder trusts.
Giving Appreciated Property: How to Get the Most Out of It—Illustrates some of the benefits of giving securities, real estate, and tangible personal property that don't come with giving cash.
The Charitable Lead Trust: A Cost-Effective Method of Benefiting Charity—Then Your Heirs—Illustrates how a trust first making annual payments to a charity and later being distributed to your family may be an effective way to provide for their future.
Charitable Tax Planning with Retirement Funds—Gives examples of the many ways to give retirement funds to charity, as well as loved ones, while minimizing taxes on distribution.

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